Jason Ignatius: Pop star on the rise!

Jason Ignatius

Aspiring singer, Jason Ignatius, in a free-wheeling chat with ELSA LYCIAS JOEL, talks about his working experience, his favourite day, and more.

When did you first sing on stage? Did you have butterflies in your stomach?
Yes. I was extremely nervous, so much so that I couldn’t hold the mic steady and it shook the entire time. Surprisingly, so many people came up to me afterwards and said I “shredded” the performance and that was honestly where I started my journey — a melody and some courage.

Does love for music run in your family?
Most certainly. My parents grew up not only listening to music but also played at least one instrument. I play piano and lean more to the recent pop and R ‘n’ B while my parents are all about the 70’s and 80’s. Not a day goes by where I’m not singing or playing the piano or even recording music on my phone.

Jason Ignatius as the ship captain in The Little Mermaid musical

Have you ever had a formal vocal training?
Before I went to college, I didn’t have any formal vocal training. Most of my knowledge about singing in terms of technique and other areas were mainly me emulating artistes that I love like Bridgit Mendler. She had such an amazing pop voice which not only showed great control over notes but also a wide vocal range. However, when I joined the college, I was so much in love with music that I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Music. There I had all the formal training a guy could ask for which only catapulted my abilities and I am so thankful for every class.

Do you believe in “born singers”, the impact of genes?
I absolutely believe in born singers! I can speak from personal experience that all the way from my great-grandmother, music has not only been a pastime but an essential part of our family dynamic. My grandmother learnt how to sing and play the piano, but when it came to my dad, he sang, played the piano and was a choir director. As for me, I can sing, play the piano and guitar, and make records on my computer.

What were the first singles like? The writing, composing, editing and the producer-musician vibing…
Ever since the beginning of 2018 I’ve been putting out music. I love writing even though a lot of my ideas come in the middle of night, but when I take my tracks I’ve made to the studio, the brilliant minds there take my ideas and create a masterpiece is something to brag about!

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