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Junkyard Wars 2018

Students of Billabong High International School, Noida, with their scientific model made from junk

Students of Billabong High International School, Noida, participated in Junkyard Wars 2018, a one-of-its-kind programme where young minds came together to create working scientific models from junk. The event was hosted by Oakridge International School, Mohali, and had two rounds to the competition.

The rounds of the competition included ‘Presentation of Own Science Model’ in the first round and ‘Development Of A Crane’ with pulley model in round 2. BHIS Noida students from both the junior wing and senior wing competed but only the senior students made it to round 2. The junior students were grateful for the opportunity and took the defeat sportingly.

In round 2, the students were given an extensive workshop on how to make a crane with pulley model using the given material. Later on, students were given a fixed time of two hours to make a model. After completion of the model, the students had to test it in the arena, wherein they needed to pick up small boxes with the help of their crane. The model’s ability to pick up the box was the deciding factor in winning the competition.

The event helped the students gain insight into learning implementations and made them more curious about the subject. Additionally, they learnt teamwork and time management and how to organize work from beginning till showcase thus gaining confidence about completing tasks successfully. Billabong encourages their students to participate in such events so that they can learn about the practical aspects of every subject which helps build their interest.