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Krishna Saproo: A heart that beats for the mind

Krishna Saproo

Whenever we talk about mental health issues or someone says they need to visit a counsellor, it’s considered a matter to be ashamed of. Why does this happen? Is our brain not a part of our body? Krishna Saproo is making a difference in our thinking today. At the young age of 17, he has become a changemaker and has gifted many people with a smile and a healthy life worth living. What makes him special is his sensitivity to see pain amongst the people around him unlike many of us who are ignorant. Currently studying in standard 12, he is the founder of Maunitva Nikaran, an organisation that spreads awareness about mental health. Maunitva Nikaran means ‘inner peace’ in Sanskrit.

Krishna says about this movement: “It all started three years ago in high school. I saw students battling with mental health concerns at school and in my neighbourhood as well. Problems did not necessarily arise as a result of study; they may have begun in their own homes. It always pained me, and that is when I resolved to work for the society in some capacity, which gave rise to Maunitva Nikaran. I enlisted some of my schoolmates and created a club that began assisting kids in and outside our school and helped them overcome it. Mental health is an often-overlooked topic, and discussing it is still frowned upon in our culture. It is commonly misdiagnosed as a psychiatric condition, which it is not.”

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