Leadership Treasure Discovery in Mumbai

Participants at the Leadership Treasury Discovery in Mumbai

After the first round in Chennai and Mumbai, The Teenager Today’s unique workshop ‘The Leadership Treasure Discovery’ designed by PrePearl Training Development Pvt Ltd, saw its third successful session in Mumbai on 20 October 2019 at St Paul’s Institute of Communication Education (SPICE), one of the country’s fastest growing media schools.

The one-day workshop is a discovery of strengths, leveraging the world-renowned Belbin Team Roles. Designed for young adults in the age group of 15- 20 years, the experience helps one build one’s self-concept and confidence to make a unique mark in school, college or even as one is getting ready for the world of work. The session had 16 bright youngsters from various parts of Mumbai and even Pune! A unique feature was parents being invited to the second half of the session where the teenagers shared with their parent their new insights and learning.

Here’s what the participants had to say:

Participants and organizers at the Leadership Treasury Discovery in Mumbai
Participants and organizers at the Leadership Treasury Discovery in Mumbai

“The workshop has been nothing less than perfect. Rather much better than the monotonous career guidance. An insight for the youth to reinforce their natural talents.”
— Abigail Tixeira

“This was the best session that I have been to. At no time was I bored or lost focus. Aspects I found the most useful — Belbin’s nine behavioural aspects and its application in detail.”
— Ken Farro

“Getting to know me as a person and my purpose in any group. Reflecting on various aspects on my strengths and weaknesses. Exciting, insightful and interactive. How to make my strengths work in any situation. Different qualities that we find in people”
— Raka Mandal

“My key learnings: How to discover my inner strengths, what I can discover in my near future. The workshop was really fun. Got to interact with new friends and learnt new things. The workshop taught me what I am from my inner state of mind. Aspects I found most useful: the fun sessions, the interaction, the activities were the most useful aspects of the workshop.”
— Joe Thomas

“My key takeaways: I have learned my strengths and how to implement them and also that my weaknesses are not a shameful thing and my strengths complement my weakness. The workshop has been informative, innovative (it oiled the machines in my head) got me thinking of things I have not thought of before. My learning was insight to success and the mock interviews.”
— Sinead Pereira

Here’s what some of the parents/guardians had to say:

“I felt it to be very encouraging for me as well as Raka (my daughter). It is the seeding for the beginning of a long journey. Thanks to PrePearl and The Teenager Today.
— Gaurab Mandal, Parent

“I got to know how well my sister knows herself and even I got to learn a lot about her.
— Guardian

The workshop is truly an opportunity to discover our strengths and talents. At The Teenager Today we are filled with joy and pride to meet youngsters and see interest and keen willingness to discover one’s potential to make a positive impact on society.