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Leaves of the seasons

And then it comes all to an end,
The leaves that had grown until they’d bend
As they lay now silent and still
Waiting for the acceptance of the earth’s will.
Now new ones will take their place
Hence a new era of life begins.
Clouds will come, rain will fall
Leaves will cherish, the winds call.
Slowly and steadily the time will pass,
In this journey, few may reach down to the grass,
Winter will come, darkness will spread
But together as they are, no one shall dread.
With the passage of seasons their colours will change,
From orange to yellow to green or to something strange.
Life shall be renewed by the summer’s heat
Light shall touch every corner of the dusted leaves.
And this is how everything will evolve
Leaves, trees and every life after all.
But as we proceed, everything shall fade
It’s not something to mourn on, as it’s everyone’s fate.