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Leaving the tears behind

by Pihu Yadav (19)
St Joseph’s Sr. Sec. School, Dibiyapur

Here I stand beneath the sky
A hopeful friend – the moon — shines.
Stars on land, the city lights
High on the ground they burn bright.
I see it all through sobs of fear
Blurring the view, tear by tear.
Down the river calmly sleeps
Holding secrets she grows deep.
I look at her void black stares
As she tells me no one cares.
Lost, I cross the lane
The bridge overweighed by my sorrows and pain.
Knowing not where, I walk ahead
Monochrome memories hurt my head.
No more thoughts, just one more step
To end it all, to be at rest.
Speaking my name, she calls me aloud
And the moon turns away hiding in clouds.
The maternal tone, the familiar voice
Cannot make me change my mind.
I jump down
Closing my eyes.
The cold water like blades all over
Cut me into pieces.
No mistakes made, I was sure
With nothing else left, this was the cure.
As I lay now with no regrets inside
I see me smile leaving the tears behind.

Published in the June 2017 issue of The Teenager Today.