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Letter to a lovely lady

by Janova Anbarasi
G.D. Salwan Public School, New Delhi

In the warmth of her big scraggy yet tender arms,
she held me for the first time.
Eager to look into my tiny eyes, made a move for the first time.
A loud cry from me, gave a smile to her face
Words of joy and happiness filled the room with my little gaze.
When I was born into this world, she was the one who took care of me,
Helping me to grow up and loving me unconditionally.
She taught me how to build bridges with people rather than walls
And threw a blanket of happiness whenever I fell.
From colours to crayons to exams and books
She helped me build up whatever it took.
“Mother”, I used to call out for all those challenges that fell upon me,
But she refused to show up, saying “they were battles that god gave me”.
I saw her in times of delight and distress
She always managed to put up a big smile which was simply the best.
She is the centre of my universe, sun of my solar family
Teaching and guiding me to live my life lively and happily despite all tragedies.
Her motivation made me feel exuberant and filled my mind with optimism.
Her strength empowered me to face every consequence with confidence.
Dedicated to her with allegiance and affection,
She’s beauty with perfection and god’s only reflection.

This poem has been published in the March 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.