Poets & Poetry


I still remember the day,
I used to laugh, I used to play.
Rarely did I cry
And my only fear was, one day I’ll die.
Those days used to be the best,
Living only for myself, not caring about the rest.
The morning used to be merry,
And the night scary.
Hoping for the night to get over fast,
And a new day with a bright sun to start.
Friends used to be the water
And family the oxygen,
And we needed both to live our life.
Living happily with everyone
Holding them tight.
And then…
Slowly everything started to change.
I stopped smiling and I was like “Hey?”
Neither did I laugh or play.
Slowly I got quite familiar with tears,
It became inescapable and very dear.
My childhood nightmare was becoming my teenage reality.
Once I used to live free,
Now I only weep.
The night seemed beautiful,
With intense, dark and silent sky,
Under which I can weep
And finally I get relief.
Start another day with a smile to please all,
Just to avoid the question “Are you okay?”
Asked by all.
Time passed by; life sifted all the lies,
Now I was left only with the people
Who really keep me alive.
Finally I understood not everyone you can hold,
People come and people go
And at last you will be left
Only with some pure souls.