Listening to Communicate

Silhouettes of man and woman having a conversation

When you are planning your career, very often you will focus on your academic grades and the scope of the career that you wish to pursue. However, as the world is becoming more interdisciplinary, it is vital that different professionals learn to interact and communicate with each other. Very often we think that if we can speak a language fluently and can make presentations then we are great communicators. But in reality for communication to effectively happen we need to listen very carefully. Developing good listening skills such that you can actually understand what somebody else is telling you is a vital skill in life. Imagine if you are speaking fluently but the other person is not listening, then language will be spoken but no communication will happen. For communication is an interchange of ideas, thoughts and information. Hence, active listening is one of the most vital skills of enhancing your communication skills. As by listening not only can we obtain information but we can truly understand what the person actually needs or requires.

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Shivani Manchanda
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Shivani Manchanda

Shivani Manchanda, a post-graduate in Counselling from the USA, is a warm and vibrant counsellor. Her expertise lies in counselling students on career development, stress prevention and international education. She is an enthusiastic speaker with over two decades of experience.