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Liven up the New Year

The New Year is a big deal for all of us — after all, isn’t it a time where we hope for a fresh, new start and a fabulous year ahead? There is no dearth to New Year traditions and beliefs across the world. This month we’ll look at those special traditions for a whacky kickstart to a brand new 365 days!

Italian American teens eating spaghetti mixed with money
llustration: © Rama Ramesh

When spaghetti meets money

Italian Americans have a tradition of seasoning their spaghetti with the most unusual condiment. The oldest woman in the family stirs the tomato gravy and spaghetti along with a healthy dose of dollar bills contributed by different members of the family! Those who have earned well or received a nice raise are expected to sprinkle high denomination bills generously so that the luck spreads to others when the spaghetti gets served with the money! Three guesses for the toast… “You have to eat money to make money!”