Poets & Poetry


by Rashi Khattar (14)
St Angela Sophia Sr. Sec. School, Jaipur

I was wandering out on the road alone with thoughts of you
I kept thinking about you the whole night and slept
With thoughts of you in my mind,
Your memories in my heart
And tears in my eyes.
I wanted these thoughts to stop
But then I realized it was a flood
That came with your memories…
I wish I could die; I could end my life there and there only.
For I’m not able to live without you.
I lost my gold while searching for diamonds.
I lost myself while searching for someone really special to me.
I never understood your presence,
But now I really miss those moments I spent with you.
I just want you back whom I lost in the midst of the path
That people call life…

This poem has been published in the January 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.