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Love is thy enemy

Love is thy enemy,
An uninvited guest,
It makes you weak,
Fragile, and emotional,
It makes you happy,
It gives life to your dark soul,
It gives you hope,
It gives you someone,
Someone you care about,
Someone whom you love,
Someone, who may not reciprocate,
Someone, whom you’ll lose eventually,
Someone, who makes you happy,
Breaks your mask of toughness,
Breaks your character,
Making you smile at random,
Everything reminding you of her,
Her memories, her face,
That smile,
That expression on her face,
Love songs suddenly become so appealing,
Listening on repeat,
Romantic movies so relatable,
Daydreaming so prominent,
Tears, so common,
Of joy, and sorrow,
Love is thy enemy,
Leaving you crying at the end…