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Love yourself. Speak yourself.

“My faults and mistakes are what I am,
Making up the brightest stars in the constellation of my life.
I have to love myself for who I am, for who I was and for who I hope to become.”

~ RM

We all carry so much love and understanding in us, but we forget to give a part of it to our own soul. One thing that constantly agitates us is our inner feelings which are embedded deep in our hearts beneath a smiling mask. We mould ourselves, accommodating others’ opinions, brushing aside our own attitudes.

We all carry so much love and understanding in us, but we forget to give a part of it to our own soul.

And ultimately, we kill our personalities.

We become distressed and completely shut off from the world. We believe that no one understands us. But how can we expect others to when we ourselves don’t appraise ourselves?

We are the only ones who can pull ourselves out of this grey sea by learning to ‘speak ourselves’:

1. Understand yourself: Ask yourself who you are, what are your desires, your fears, your hobbies or what sets your heart at peace in times of anxiety and most importantly what is your purpose in life.

2. Strive to turn the negative thinking into positive: “Positive thoughts are a manifestation of silent prayers.” Consider all of your good and bright shades and trust in your conscience. Understand that sometimes it is okay not to be okay.

3. Have courage to face reality: “Sometimes all you need is the insane courage of 10 seconds and I assure you that something lovely will come out of it.” Try to face reality instead of making space for those ‘what ifs’. Accept your shortcomings and turn them into your greatest treasure, little by little. Don’t hesitate to speak about what you want and what you dislike.

It’s high time all of us understand the true value of ‘self-love’ and ‘speaking ourselves’. Let us understand that:

“Ashes of the past cannot be brought back,
Possibilities of the future cannot be embraced,
And the bliss of present never dies.”

Love yourself. Speak yourself.