Make any surface your ‘keyboard’

Epic virtual keyboard

The EPIC from Celluon stands under 3 inches tall, but it casts a full-size virtual QWERTY keyboard onto any opaque surface in front of you.

A tabletop, a book, or even the floor can become your new “keyboard”. All the virtual keys are outlined by a red light. As you type, your fingers interrupt the light, and the EPIC’s sensor translates those interruptions into keystrokes and communicates what you’re writing over Bluetooth to your phone, tablet or computer.

The EPIC uses Bluetooth version 3.0, and is compatible with iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows and Mac computers, and has a built-in lithium ion battery rechargeable via USB. You can adjust its sensitivity, the brightness of the laser light, and the sounds it emits when you type.

The keyboard also becomes a mouse trackpad with the press of a button if it’s paired with a PC instead of a mobile device.