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Structure Sensor

Occipital’s Structure Sensor is being billed as the world’s first 3D sensor for mobile devices. It allows any iPad with a lightning connector to scan and import 3D images of rooms, objects and people. Its laser projector bathes the area and objects in a mesh of dots that the companion infrared camera uses to read for shapes and distance. Structure Sensor uses the iPad’s camera to record colour data, and its bracket puts the device’s sensors in perfect alignment with it for precise 3D scanning. The device reads at approximately 30 fps in VGA resolution and, if close enough to the subject, with sub-millimetre precision. ItSeez3D, a photorealistic scanning app, lets you output your scan as an OBJ or PLY file or upload it to the online 3D object repository, Sketchfab, letting you implement the image in a game, mobile app or download onto a 3D printer.