Make your shoes smart with Lechal Smart Insoles

Lechal Smart Insoles

Instead of sticking to the popular bracelet design like other fitness trackers, the company Lechal decided to do things differently. Theirs can be worn on your feet. Lechal Smart Insoles are hidden inside your shoes beneath a comfortable cushion. When paired with the included iOS or Android app, they track steps taken, calories burnt, distance travelled, etc. And they also offer GPS tracking and navigation. The inserts vibrate individually to tell you in which direction to turn. They can also be used to download maps beforehand. Tag interesting locations for later use or send a location directly to a friend for a meet-up. Its charger, called “the world’s first interactive charger”, is designed to give audio feedback on its charging levels when you snap your fingers. The trackers can also be used without the insoles; they come with clips that can be attached to the outsides of your shoes.