Making magic through baking!

As the only daughter of my parents, it wasn’t common that I was attracted to the kitchen. I didn’t particularly enjoy cooking, except for when I was helping mum in cutting the vegetables. However, there was just one part of cooking that I was attracted to, baking.

I used to love cakes. I would cry for hours together until my parents got me a piece of cake. I was so addicted to chocolate cake, and my mum used it against me. She would ask me to help her in the kitchen or even wash the clothes for a piece of chocolate cake!

I would gladly do all that and even more to get my piece of cake as my mum is great at baking. She knows how to spice them up with fruits and other sweet additives. In my fourteenth year, I baked my first cheesecake and got plenty of positive feedback from my mum and dad.

Each time I baked a cake, I felt a spark of joy in my soul. It felt like I was born to mix flour and make magic from it.

As I grew up, my interest in cake decoration intensified. I would go to parties and carefully observe the decorations on the cakes. Then I would come home and ask my mum what she thought about it. I got my first camera and took tons of cake pictures that I found interesting. As my curiosity grew, my family adopted the idea that I was the chief baker. I baked all kinds of easy cakes for deserts. From cakes to pies and delicious bread, my love for baking grew with me until I went to college. My family was sad and I was devastated because I had to focus on my studies and miss out on my passion for baking.

Dad didn’t want me to go into the confectionary business without at least getting a professional certificate, and I surely understood his plight. My first year in college was very hectic, so I had no time for my hobbies, especially baking. I made new friends and found some that lived around. Made a few visits and found that one of my friends lived close by with her family and they were open to my visits.

One day, while I was having dinner with them, I talked about my baking expertise and how I missed doing what I loved most. The family suggested I bake for an upcoming birthday. I showed up very early on the day before the celebration and got down to work with the help of the family. They were sceptical at first, but as we were halfway into the process, they were amazed at my skills in baking.

The cake turned out better than they had expected, to my amazement. I did a special decoration, and the celebrant never stopped thanking me. I got a few recommendations, as well, and did other side baking gigs while in college, too.

Baking was my way of relaxing. I loved the smile on people’s faces when they tasted my cake or pie, and it gave me a strong push to do something better.

Each time I baked a cake, I felt a spark of joy in my soul. It felt like I was born to mix flour and make magic from it. I have other hobbies, no doubt, but none can compare it with my love for baking.

At the end of my college days, I took to another profession but always bake whenever I get the chance. Baking will always be special to me, and I hope to pass down my skills to my children after I get married.