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The man-made wall

by Saundarya Jain (16)
Sophia Girls’ School, Meerut

Rivers of blood, mountains of corpses;
Landscape filled with armed forces.
In the lust of power, Man, the mindless conqueror,
Was killing his own brother.

Mothers grieved as their children died.
“Help!” they cried.
Alas, in the loud cacophony of war,
Their pleas could be heard no more.

So many lives could have prospered;
So many lives could have been saved.
But castes and religion led humanity astray
And now I wonder if God created Man or did it happen the other way?

Man built the borders and he made the gates;
He fights for religion and by colour, he discriminates.
Little does he know: the world is one and same for all;
Love and Peace will bring down the Man-made wall.

Published in the March 2017 issue of The Teenager Today.