A mask that integrates safety with hands-free access to your smartphone

Maskfone smart mask

Maskfone is a “hands-free” smart mask that allows wearers to take calls, listen to music, and access their virtual assistant without removing their protective barrier. It has medical-grade, replaceable PM 2.5 and N95 filters, IPX5 water resistance, adjustable neoprene rubber ear hooks, a cable clip and the fabric used is washable too. An internal microphone provides access to clearer voice calls thanks to background noise isolation, while a wireless Bluetooth headset offers 8-12 hours of playtime/listening, whether it be to music, podcasts, audio books or phone calls. It even allows the user to use voice projection while speaking to someone in person powered by Hubble connect app. Maskfone is compatible with voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, so users will be able to use it to control smart home appliances as well.