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Media savvy or gadget crazy?

AUGUST 2016 TOPIC: Are today’s youngsters media savvy or gadget crazy?

I think it’s a necessity for youngsters to be media savvy; then only can our decisions be prudent. ‘Crazy’ is the word associated with blind fantasy and ignorance; but youngsters of our time are young masterminds who are well aware of the opportunities offered by the growing digital world. Rather than being crazy about gadgets, we are vigilant about the encircling media world and we make the best out of it.
Annu K. Jose (21)
Alphonsa College, Pala

Teens today are more media savvy. But what teens are addicted to is social media. We Snapchat food before we eat it, we check in on Facebook before we reach the venue, we use Instagram to stalk people and hate on them, we now take pictures not to record memories but to show them off on social media. We are so caught up in social media, that we forget the real essence of life in its small moments.
Karishma Wadia (18)
St Joseph ET High School, Bilimora

It’s a true fact that today’s youngsters are addicted to modern gadgets. Even I am sending this mail from a smartphone. But the fact is that it keeps distant people together but nearer people far. Youngsters consider modern gadgets as their identity in society. Students nowadays carry their smartphones even to school. It is a strange fact that even the smallest kid is fully addicted to mobile phones. If this trend continues it will do serious harm to the child.
Basil Jacob Paul (16)
Sobhana Public School, Kothamangalam

An electronic gadget is the only solution that youngsters seem to have for their problems. You need information on any subject; you just need to Google it. If you need a piece of news related to sports, telly media, movies, you only need your mobile phone and you can get whatever you need with one simple click. Youngsters are so crazy that some even get addicted to it. All day long you will see them stuck to their screens and fingers moving with such rapid speed. At the same time, today’s youngsters are up-to-date with everything; be it politics, sports, education, movies, Hollywood, etc.
Moksha Sharma (17)
Chattrabhuj Narsee Memorial, Mumbai

In my opinion these are two sides of the same coin. Sometimes what starts out as being media savvy turns into an obsession, i.e., tech-craze. This craze is evident from the large number of selfie deaths. Hence, I feel that today’s youngsters are definitely media-savvy but many a time become a victim of technology obsession and over-indulge in the use of smartphones.
Sukeerat Kaur Channi
Sacred Heart Convent School, Ludhiana

Today’s youngsters are crazy for gadgets as nowadays it plays a crucial role in our lives. One can’t live a single day without his/her gadget. It feels like they have lost a limb when they are without them. Modern gadgets have made us complete slaves to machines. It could be mobile phones, tablets or a video game. No one can deny that gadgets have simplified our lives but at the same time made us addicted to it.
Sonali Garg (16)
Notre Dame School, Delhi

Yes, today’s teenagers are gadget addicts. Our parents are fed up of saying, “Study; it’s your peak time”. But gadgets have made teenagers lazy and teens are completely dependent on them. Though we have become fairly media-savvy as well, we cannot spend one day without smartphones, television, iPads, etc. It’s not bad to use these gadgets but it’s not good to get addicted to them and have our lives depend on it.
Sapna Solanki (17)
St Patrick’s Vidya Bhawan, Jodhpur

In today’s age we see that youngsters are getting more and more media-savvy as well as gadget crazy. Both these topics are interrelated to each other that if one doesn’t have the gadget, then he/she isn’t that much media savvy but they crave to be one. In today’s life youngsters can have a sneak-peek into everyone’s life due to media, especially social media. Everything that happens is immediately uploaded on social media and which can be viewed by anyone, which can also lead to several different problems like cyber crimes. So one should be careful about the use of gadgets.
Senjuti Bhattacharya (16)
St Joseph’s High School and Jr. College, Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai

When it comes to us youngsters it is necessary that we are connected to the world through various mediums. Similarly it is important to use gadgets because it brings the world closer and so do the work of media. Gadgets and media are two different worlds in themselves. So it is difficult to say that youngsters are media-savvy or gadget crazy. Because when we talk about media, gadgets are necessary and vice versa.
Apoorva Yadav (17)
College of Engineering, Amravati

Today’s world is fast techno-growing and being gadget crazy has just become a trend. It is seen that teens at first are genuinely interested in tech and media but as they use them daily and almost all the time they become gadget crazy. Teens are so addicted to gadgets that instead of enjoying their youth they are isolating themselves. Teens today need to become practical and should not just be into their widgets all the time.
Kirti Gyamlani (13)
St Anthony’s Junior College, Agra

Yes, today’s generation is highly influenced by media and is falling prey to many problems caused by it. It psychologically affects them so much that the desire for a new gadget drives them crazy to an extent that they don’t even hesitate to fight with their parents. Youngsters waste their precious time in chatting, surfing, etc., whereas they need to invest their time in acquiring knowledge and improving their own life skills. Gadgets can be instruments for knowledge or just time eaters. It’s our choice, whether to be affected by peer pressure or to move towards the path of shaping our own bright future!
Veena Atul Velankar (15)
Little Flower Convent High School, Solapur

I believe that youngsters are making judicious use of media. They are able to keep up with the updated news because of the information outburst on networking sites. They not only use Facebook or WhatsApp for chatting or time pass but also for signing a petition or to fight for a cause. We are able to learn a lot of stuff on the internet which might be tedious in a traditional form of education. Many apps are created specifically for those who want to showcase their inner talent like singing, dancing, mimicry, etc. The youth of India is making use of the ample benefits of media.
Eashna Jain (18)

Yes, youngsters are crazy about gadgets. Tablets, laptops, smartphones, phablets, fitness bands and smartwatches are the most commonly heard words in today’s urban households. At the same time with the help of these gadgets today’s teenagers are also media-savvy. All these gadgets are the gateways to social media, business media and news media. Thus most of us are media-savvy as well as gadget crazy.
Jiya Goyal
St Anthony’s Junior College, Agra

Youngsters are both media-savvy and gadget crazy. Today, every youngster knows how to use the media to his/her advantage. We can voice our opinions in society without even getting out of our homes because our gadgets keep us connected to the world. So how are we not gonna go crazy for our gadgets! Our ability to understand the functioning of almost all sorts of gadgets and use them makes us media-savvy too. We know how to become a part of media so that our opinions do not go unheeded.
Bhavya Chauhan (15)
Convent of Jesus and Mary, Chelsea, Shimla

Teens gaping at mobile screens are a common sight that we come across in almost every home. Youngsters forget that they need gadgets but gadgets do not need them. They waste time and social relationships get damaged. We teens should ask ourselves whether by being gadget-savvy are we really treading the path of growth?
Tanvi Sanjay Shinde (15)
Little Flower Convent High School, Solapur