Poets & Poetry


by Nikita Pokhral (14)
Shelley School, Sitarganj, Uttarakhand

There was a time when we used to play,
There was a time when we used to fight,
The toys and models made with clay,
Were the things we used to think of at night.
We cried and laughed together,
On things big or small, it didn’t matter.
Everything we used to share,
Even a piece of chocolate spare.
We shared everything with each other,
From pain to happiness and love to hatred.
These years together are worth a lifetime.
But now the time is changing,
All of it seems just like a dream.
We are all drifting apart,
This time is passing fast.
There’s a sweet pain in our hearts,
It’s the time to say goodbye now.
It was what we never thought about,
It can’t be true, says my heart.
It has to be, says my mind.
We will live in memories now,
Of each other.
When I look back,
We are holding hands together.
But when I look forward,
We are crying for each other.
Now it’s hard to live,
But it had to happen someday,
After all, now we are ‘big’.

Published in the August 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.