Poets & Poetry


Raucous sound echoed around him,
As he tumbled not so gracefully,
And crawled towards his destiny.
All of them had wings,
Tiny shiny mesmerizing wings,
Glorious wings that shone under the sun.
Wings that he too wished to possess,
Yet all he had was his slimy green body,
With which he crawled.
Numbing and deafening himself to their insults,
Isolated and lonely he trudged on,
Working twice as hard with his difficulties.
While those who had it easier than him got all the credit,
‘Why couldn’t he be like them?’
‘Why was his journey more difficult?’
He often wondered,
On those days when his misfortune seemed the most heightened to him.
But on the other days, he worked.
Worked with all his might.
Not letting anything get in his way or stop him from garnering greatness.
He felt incomplete and miserable,
Emptiness raging within him,
He wanted to be like others,
He didn’t want to be unique,
He didn’t want to be ostracised.
Yet it was only when he finally accepted himself the way he was,
It was only the day he stopped seeing his disabilities as barriers,
That the little caterpillar,
Finally morphed into the butterfly he was always meant to be.