Present method of examination — best way to assess the true merits of students?

MARCH 2017 TOPIC: Everyone is a genius in his/her own way. Is the present method of examination the best way to assess the true merits of students?

Every individual has his/her own unique abilities. The present method of examination focuses only on the intellectual capacity of a student. Every student cannot excel intellectually, yet they may excel in sports, drama, cooking, etc. To assess true merit of an individual one should be aware of the unique capacity and interests he/she possess.
Aster Shail Vas (17)
St Aloysius PU College, Mangalore

Every one of us is gifted with something very special and excellent. To evaluate who is better in a particular field, examinations are necessary. Our society solely uses exams and the marks obtained in exams to judge one’s ability. This is not at all correct in my opinion. Everyone is good in his/her own way and we should accept genius and uniqueness of everyone.
A. Y. Javed (20)
Hailakandi, Assam

Even the intelligent students could underperform in an examination due to various stresses one undergoes. Everyone is special and talented in their own way. We cannot judge anyone by the marks obtained in exams. In our country we need to give an exam to qualify for an engineering entrance. Exams only show the memory capacity of a person rather than analysis, information or intelligence of a person.
Charmi Karani (21)
Nagindas Khandwala College, Malad

Students with poor memory may score low marks. Marks are important but they are not everything. A student who scores good mark need not be good in practical life.  Parents force their child to score maximum in exams and compare their child with others; but marks alone do not make one’s life successful one. Everyone is genius, in a particular field. Any field has its worth.
S. Prem (19)
Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur

The examination system needs an overhauling. A method should be devised to make the qualitative assessment of the students. According to me the exam places students under pressure and negatively affects their physical activities. Examination or test enhances learning of students and test only their mental ability.
Shambhavi Mishra
Jeevan Marg Sophia Sec. School, Deoria

I never mind about the people who support examinations, but I won’t be one of them. Examinations are not a proper way to evaluate student’s knowledge. Just think practically — how many students who scored ‘A’ grade in a subject can explain whatever they read after some period of time. Grades don’t reflect intelligence or true potential of the students.
Tanu Sharma (14)
St Joseph’s Convent, Patna

The present method of examination is not the best way to assess the true merits of students. It is very much possible that a person who has all his/her concepts clear can get average marks and the person who has just crammed up all the syllabus one night before the exams, would pass with flying colours. Exams test only our memory not merit.
Gouri Padha (14)
Presentation Convent Sr. Sec. School, Jammu

The present examination causes undue stress on students and supports the trend of mugging up, but in no way helps to evaluate the true merit of a student. The marks could be distributed according to the skills of the student. Like 50% of marks could be allotted to the topic of interest and 50% based on their performance in other subjects.
Adeen A. Wagle (13)
Mary Immaculate Girls’ High School, Kalina, Mumbai

Yes, I accept that everyone is a genius in their own way. I don’t think that the method of examination is the best way to assess true merit of students. There should be more practical, and less written. And from junior class, students must be helped to identify their interest and should not be forced to take other fields as their parents want them to take.
Faiza Hasan Khan (12)
St Mary’s Convent Inter College, Allahabad

Academic competence cannot measure fully the scope of a student’s ability. But we need some formal system to point out divisions between ability levels the students possess. Otherwise students will be in an unsuitable environment and won’t be able to learn properly. Exams are good from the view point that they are not vague — they have clear, measurable guidelines.
Divyanshi Jadon (12)
St Anthony’s Junior College, Agra

The present mode of examinations may help to build up knowledge and skills of writing. Only a few can secure high percentage. As a result persons with various other skills and talents are not encouraged and valued. I think we should bring about a change to nurture their merits, skills and talents.
Sonali Sharma (16)
S. D.S.M. College, Dahanu Road

The present method of examination, in a way makes the students to work well in each and every field but not in the field of his/her interest. If taken positively, present examination system makes students realize their true potential till Std X and offers a choice to opt for the subject they like for higher studies. This helps them to build up their career.
Kanvika Sharma (16)
St Angela Sophia School, Jaipur

In the present the educational system everyone — students, teachers and parents are concerned primarily about marks. If a child with many abilities is not good in studies then that child is just ignored by everyone. Everyone in this world is talented and is genius and it doesn’t depend on the marks.
Anushka Gupta

Certainly every one is a genius. The present method of examination make thousand students to think about one thing/concept from a single point of view; but it should make students to think about same thing in thousand different ways’. The examination system that promotes the maximum and true merits of students will greatly boost human resource.
Nelson Nova S (21)
Christ College, Pune

Examinations have become an integral part of education, that it’s difficult to imagine schools and colleges without them. And if there were no examinations it would give unbridled freedom to students. Without them, children would become jubilant. So one thing is for sure, if there are no examinations students would not study at all.
Jiya Goyal (12)
St Anthony’s Junior College, Agra

It is inappropriate to judge a person by focussing only on the basis of his/her result in examination. Everyone is gifted with different talents. They will enjoy only in their fields of interest and gifts whether society appreciates them or not.
Hiba Zahid Khan (14)
St Anthony’s Junior College, Agra

Academic excellence should not be considered as the only basis of evaluation. Students could be analysed and evaluated in their own field of interest and excellence. However, after the introduction of CCE, efforts have been made to give equal importance to both scholastic and co-scholastic activities.
Souvik Nath (16)
Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Hailakandi

The present method of examination cannot differentiate between the student who has memorised and student who has understood. Therefore the actual talent of the student will not be known. Examination that includes discussions on science-related issues, practical applications, cultural programmes and other competitions can identify the hidden merits and talents of the young.
Piyonee Srivastava (13)
Jeevan Marg Sophia Sec. School, Deoria

The prevalent examination system has forced the people to a rat race at the cost of losing the essence of their talents and has witnessed numerous suicide cases. A mediocre or a below average student can be an exceptional dancer or ventriloquist. The examination methodology should explore talents of the students and assist them to reach the pinnacle of success.
Akshita Agarwal (19)

The present method of examination prompts students to study to get marks without even understanding. Every one is a genius in his/her own way and it will not be justice if we judge someone based on his/her performance in exam. A student who does not score well in exams may be good artist, singer or dancer.
Dhanya Jha (13)
St Francis’ Convent Inter College, Jhansi