Mind Games

Mind Mayhem

Challenge your mind with these tricky puzzles.

A mixture of chemicals costs 4,000 per ton. It is composed of one type chemical that costs 4,800 per ton and another that costs 3,600 per ton. In what ratio were these chemicals mixed?

The ratio is 1 to 2.

Anish is sitting between Amit and Rohit. Yash is sitting on Rohit’s right. Between whom is Rohit sitting?

Rohit is sitting between Yash (on his right) and Anish (on his left).

How many cookies could you eat on an empty stomach?

One cookie. After eating one you would no longer have an empty stomach.

Arjun, Rohit and Sumit are sports fans. Each has a different favourite sport among kabaddi, kho-kho and hockey. Arjun does not like hockey; Sumit does not like kho-kho or hockey. Name each person’s favourite sport.

Arjun – kho-kho; Rohit – hockey; Sumit – kabaddi

At one time, a number of immigrants consisting of Armenians, Frenchmen, Russians, Spaniards and Englishmen were admitted into our country. Now, if the Armenians are less than 1/3 of the number of Spaniards and 3 less than ½ the number of Englishmen, then the Frenchmen and Spaniards would outnumber the Russians and Englishmen by 3. The Russians and Spaniards would be 1 less than ½ the total number of immigrants, while the Englishmen and Russians would consist of 7/16 of the total number of immigrants. How many of each nationality would be represented?

7 Armenians, 14 Frenchmen, 15 Russians, 24 Spaniards and 20 Englishmen, totalling 80 immigrants in all.

If Anish’s peacock jumps over the fence onto Rahul’s property and lays an egg there, whose egg is it?

Peacocks do not lay eggs. Peahens do.

Tom is 34 years younger than Joseph, who is as many years past 50 as Tom is below 40. Find their ages.

Joseph is 62 and Tom is 28.

Alka is 4 times Bianca’s age, and in 30 years Bianca will only be ½ as old as Alka. How old are they now?

The ratios of Alka and Bianca’s age now is 4 to 1 and 30 years from now it will be 2 to 1. Since the period of 30 years equals the difference of the two ratios or 2 to 1, then 30 x 2 = 60 is Alka’s age. And ½ x 30 = 15 is Bianca’s age.
  1. Esha is taller than Ann and shorter than Dinaz. Who is the tallest of the three?
  2. If Esha speaks in a softer voice than Ann, and Dinaz in a louder voice than Ann, does Esha speak louder or softer than Dinaz?
1. Dinaz is taller than Esha, who is taller than Ann., 2. Esha speaks in a softer voice than Dinaz. (Esha < Ann < Dinaz)

According to Mr Shinde, his oldest son is 4 years older than the second, who is 4 years older than the third, who is 4 years older than the youngest, who is ½ the age of the oldest. How old are Mr Shinde’s sons?

The oldest is 24 years old, the next is 20, the next one, 16, and the youngest is 12 years old.

Pranav is pulling socks and mittens out of his closet. There are six identical mittens (they can be worn either on the left or the right hand) and nine identical-looking socks in the closet. How many pieces of apparel had to be taken out of the closet in order to be sure Pranav would find:

  1. One matching pair
  2. Three identical matching pairs
  3. Four pairs of socks
1. In order to find a matching pair Pranav must take at least 3 pieces of apparel out of the closet. 2. For three matching pairs, you need to take 3 x 2 x 2 x 1 or 11 pieces of apparel out of the closet. 3. With the worst possible scenario at the next to last try, four pairs of socks will be found.

1 February 2012 was a Wednesday, just like the 29 February, 2012. When will the calendar show another February with a similar situation?

The month of February in 2012 had five Wednesdays. Only in a leap year this is possible. Seven leap years have to go by before this situation can occur again, because in each of the leap years the 29th would fall on a different weekday. It will be the year 2040 when a February again has five Wednesdays.

A man told his friend, “Four years from now I’ll be twice as old as I was fourteen years ago.” How old is the man?

32 years old.