Mini Mouse!

Swiftpoint ProPoint wireless mouse

The Swiftpoint ProPoint is a tiny wireless mouse and presenter with an ergonomic pen-like grip. Despite the compact size, it comes with all the controls of a traditional mouse, including equivalent physical controls for the left, right and centre buttons. Instead of a scroll wheel, however, the mouse is fitted with a gyroscope, so you can scroll up/down by tilting it forwards/backwards. It works via USB or wirelessly over Bluetooth, with the former automatically recharging the battery during use. On a full charge, the battery can last for up to a full month of use, while a 30-second charge lets you use it wirelessly for an hour. The Swiftpoint ProPoint can also function as a presentation tool, with a switch on the side allowing it to go from mouse to presentation tool and vice versa. Navigate through slides with the virtual laser pointer; you can even draw on the screen to highlight what matters most.