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I miss you

One freaking message… that’s all it took me to smile like I had just had the best moment of my life…

They say when a special someone walks into your life you can feel it miles away even before you’ve had a proper rendezvous. But mine just popped up as a WhatsApp notification and I was a goner. And then one day, it all stopped.

When two people initially meet or start talking, most of the time it’s awkward and then the gradual change to comfort happens so quickly that neither of them has to actually adjust to the growing changes. One conversation on the first day goes to few conversations a week to a million conversations a day. So much so that it’s kind of overwhelming that a person you just met is growing to be so much more to you than you even imagined. And then after months of talking it starts to reduce and one can feel the drifting. No one really knows why it happens but then maybe there’s just nothing to talk about or maybe both realize that a little silence now and then is not that awkward after all. Neither of them wants to take the first step so *Online* never changes to *Typing*.

Maybe we never realize how deeply we are intertwined with someone unless we try to walk away.

Humans are just so complicated. We talking about having a carpe diem attitude and doing whatever comes to the mind just so we don’t have regrets later. But when we start drifting from that one person who managed to put a smile on our face when we thought it was all going downhill we don’t have the guts to just be straightforward and say: “Hey, mate, I miss you. I miss our conversations and how we used to talk every minute and how I could tell you all the things on my mind, even the stuff I never dared to say out loud before I met you.”

Maybe we never realize how deeply we are intertwined with someone unless we try to walk away. And I think in every relationship there is one person who is more attached than the other.

Maybe at the end of the day, neither of us can actually get enough of each other.