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A modern-day fairytale

She was a wordsmith whose ongoing affair with all the twenty-six letters of the alphabet was no secret.

He was a risk taker who took pleasure in flirting with life and its dangers.

She had always been fascinated with words. One look at her face clearly gave away how she was so smitten by them.

But she also thought that the kind of power words held was dangerous.

It amazed her how words could simply be strung together, in the right combination, to create something so unbelievably powerful. But she also thought that the kind of power words held was dangerous. You could either get hurt by their sharp edges or comforted by their warmth. There was no telling. And the fact that they had the potential to either make or break you was excitingly scary for her.

Life didn’t approve of his adrenaline induced high or reckless ways. But he was a smooth talker; or as she would put it, he “had a way with words” and always managed to get away with trouble. He believed in living on the edge. The danger, the risks and the adrenaline pumping through his veins made it all worthwhile.

Now, once upon a word, they met. They were intrigued by the electrifying rush the other could give. So being the risk taker that he was, he made emotions the bullet, let the words pull the trigger and aimed for her heart. And being the wordsmith that she was, she beautifully made his heart her masterpiece.