Mojo Lens delivers information straight to your eye

Mojo Lens

The Mojo Lens claims to be the “world’s first true smart contact lens”, putting a screen right against your eye to enhance your vision. It claims to have a 14,000 ppi display (the iPhone 11 has a 326 ppi display, for comparison) as well as an image sensor, radio and motion sensor.

The Mojo Lens prototype’s built-in display gives users the notifications they want without the need to look at a screen or lose focus on the world around them. It will provide real-time contrast and lighting enhancements, zoom, Augmented Reality (AR)-enabled GPS directions, real-time vehicle data, weather alerts, to-do lists, AR-enabled astronomy, as well as help the visually-impaired by highlighting potential obstacles.

Mojo calls this ‘eyes-up’ experience “invisible computing”.