Monstrous food challenges

Think you and your friends have such a vociferous appetite that you can eat a mountain of food easily? Think again! This month we’re going to delve into the fantastic world of the most outrageous food challenges that have shaken up the most passionate eaters among us.

Two guys holding up a giant burger
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

The ‘Boss’ of all burgers

Bring along the ten best foodies you know and the bet is that you’ll still not be able to polish off this mammoth burger in an hour. Weighing 105 pounds (that’s about the weight of a baby rhino) and measuring 28 inches in diameter and standing majestic and tall at 11.5 inches, this burger is not only the world’s biggest, it is also an unconquered beast! The prize money of $5000 has eluded all so far.

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