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Motherhood: A love that never ends

by Arjita Verma
National Institute Of Fashion Technology, Gujarat

You’ve been the greatest mother to me
Helping me through every hurdle I see,
Giving me strength to witness every attack,
And lending me the courage to fight back.
Memories of older times come to me
In beautiful dreams, while I sleep,
Embracing my heart with tender love and care,
Worshiping for my well-being in every prayer.
Your smiles brighten my moments
Your blessings release me from all pain.
Keeping me safe and content,
Your motherhood grows so dense.
Your hands that held me gently
From the day I took my first step,
Still hold me with the same emotion.
You are the sunlight in my day
The moon I see far away,
You are the tree I lean upon,
Feeling the sweat of sorrows gone.
You have been my best friend
From the start till the end.
Letting me free to explore the world,
While in your arms holding me safely curled.
Since the day we began our journey together
You’ve been with me through every weather.
And till the day I am alive,
I promise to be there with you
Forever and ever.

This poem has been published in the May 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.