Motivational Moments from J. Maurus

J. Maurus, Founder of The Teenager Today

Our founder speaks through his books

For The Teenager Today family, comprising of its readers, patrons, printers, publishers and the staff, the name J. MAURUS is an icon of vision, inspiration and motivation. He founded the magazine in 1963 with the intention of motivating and inspiring youngsters of every generation thence. Today, even after 58 years of its existence, the vision and the mission envisaged by J. Maurus continue to guide and motivate the publishers and readers of The Teenager Today. As he left us for his eternal reward on 1 February 2018, we believe his invisible presence and his blessings from heaven continue to energize us. We salute him on the 58th anniversary of the foundation of The Teenager Today, and we pledge once again to march on with his legacy of motivating young people to dream big and dream differently.

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“When you change your attitude, you change your life, your thinking, the way you act, the way you feel.”
(Power of Positive Attitude, page 28)

“Home is a magic place where desires become reality.”
(Be Smart, Be You!, page 22)

“Take risks. Forget yourself into greatness; empty yourself into adventure, lose yourself into immortality.”
(Power of Positive Attitude, page 31)

Hard work
“Hard work is the best investment you can make.”
(Be Smart, Be You! page 80)

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