Must-have ethnic accessories

Ethnic silver oxidized choker

We can’t help but love ethnic clothes. They are simply so elegant and beautiful. The embroidery and prints and beautiful work that we see in all ethnic clothes is just incomparable. Every girl needs to have Indian clothes in her wardrobe. On days when you don’t have the energy to dress up but you really need to look amazing, you can simply throw on a chikankari suit and pair it with some basic accessories and you’re good to go. But Indian outfits, unlike western ones, NEED accessories. You cannot wear Indian clothes without any accessories. If you do your outfit looks plain and boring. But we cannot afford to shop for accessories to match every ethnic outfit we own. That isn’t affordable or doable. We all need accessories that are multi-purpose and can be mixed and matched. Though I’m sure we all would love to splurge a little and buy every accessory we can to go with each and every outfit we own, it might just burn a big hole in our, or rather our parent’s, pockets! It’s important to keep our fashion cost-efficient because if we don’t, we could drive our parents broke with our crazy shopping sprees! This is why we all need to have a few basic multi-purpose accessories that can save our style and our parents’, pockets from burning!

Here’s a list of all the must-have ethnic accessories that every girl needs to own.


A beautiful choker complements your neck and outfits and accentuates your collar bones. It brings attention to your face and neck, and if you pair it right, it can make your outfit look much more amazing than you’d ever imagine. If you pair a beautiful ethnic choker necklace with a saree and a sleeveless blouse it will look THE BEST! You can also pair your choker with a simple Indian skirt and top.

Ethnic gold chaan bali

Chaand Bali

An oxidized pair of chaand balis go with nearly every Indian outfit. Go for a silver set of earrings because they are much more versatile and pair well with any basic Indian outfit. It would be a good idea to get a beautiful pair of slightly heavy golden chaand balis as well, that you can pair with outfits that require gold jewellery.

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