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We are at a critical time of human evolution and innovation. The advances that we are making in technology and automation is unparalleled and exciting. However, the manner in which we have gone about it has paid a huge cost to the environment.

The pandemic has forced us to rethink on our lives and on how we have been engaging with the environment. While we were forced to stay indoors, nature began to heal — with less noise pollution, chirping of birds and the air getting cleaner. As we move to the new normal, there is a cry for us to develop the ability to make choices that are sustainable. The pandemic also forced us to learn to deal with uncertainty and volatility. As we enter the New Year, the pandemic has caused us to ensure that we enhance our life skills toolbox. Here are some must-haves for 2022:

Lifelong learning

The pandemic has put us all on a forced learning journey — 80-year-olds who had never used a smartphone learnt to get onto Zoom and WhatsApp and do video calls! People who had not managed a house before were learning to clean and keep a home. Social media was abuzz with many discovering the joys of cooking and experimenting with different recipes!

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