Poets & Poetry

My dreams

by A. Y. Javed

It happens to me almost every night.
Just when I lie down on my bed and the room turns dark.
My mind escapes from reality,
And reaches a world where I’ve always dreamed of being.
A world of my dreams and ambitions,
And I see myself fulfilling them all and reaching that position.
I see myself doing the things I always strived to do.
I see my parents smiling and proud of me.
And the next moment my mind returns back to present,
And the darkness around surrounds me again,
Making me realize that those things are yet to be gained.
Though it makes me feel miserable and deceived,
It leaves me with a hope that the world of my dream exists
And the position I yearn for can be achieved.
And then my curious mind asks itself the route to that world.
My mind remains active and thinking,
But my tender eyes exhaust,
And the eyelids shut down.
And when they open again the dark cover is gone.
The bright sun strengthens my hope and makes me confident,
And I start moving towards my dreamland.

Published in the October 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.