My friends call me a girl

I am a boy studying in Std IX. My friends call me a girl. This hurts me a lot. I’m weak, too, so I cannot fight with them. Because of this, my studies have been affected. Please help.

Dear Jason,

It must be quite embarrassing for you to be teased and called a girl. However, it is worse if you think of and label yourself as weak. Fighting is not the solution, developing your personality and standing up to your friends is!

Teenage is a time of transition. Your friends may have developed more quickly than you, but it doesn’t mean you won’t. In another year or so you too will begin to develop a manly physique and traits owing to hormonal changes. So, help the process along: Exercise regularly, play a sport, and eat nutritious food. It will help build muscles and tone up your body. Moreover, develop your personality by making friends with new people, exchanging ideas and learning from them. Find your talents by trying new things, joining a class or two. Watch informative programmes, build your general knowledge. Learn problem-solving skills… and help other people.

Stand up to your friends and firmly tell them that enough is enough; you do not appreciate them teasing you and that you will grow and develop in your own time. True friends are supportive.

Nasreen Hashambhoy
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Nasreen Hashambhoy

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