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My heart yearns

by Diksha S. Sharma (15)
Mary Immaculate Girl’s High School, Kalina

I saw you walking with her

Hand in hand,

Giving her the brightest smile ever.

There was something in me which ached,

Seeing you love another.


Before this day I never knew

Just how much I loved you

Just how much I yearned for you.

You make me feel wrong,

When the wrong one here is actually you.


I never thought that I would be left alone,

With no one to talk to,

With no one to hug,

With no one to listen to the grudge I hold.


Every time I see you with her

Reminds me of the times we’ve spent together.

The jealousy in me arises,

Knowing that now you’re even more close to her.


I put on my bravest face,

For others to know that I’m all fine.

But inside, I’m dying

Yearning to be the person in your arms once again.

This poem has been published in the November 2015 issue of The Teenager Today.