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Nature’s toll

My cycle is getting covered with dust,
The memories of my school days have started to rust.
The metal gates, the scribbled benches and even the hall;
I miss my school, my friends, my teachers, I miss them all.
Never could we ever imagine life would turn this way.
“God please save us from this virus”, with folded hands I pray.
We are busy with our online classes and often can take naps;
But some children can hardly afford cell phones,
What about their educational gaps?
Some people have lost their jobs; some have lost their lives;
While some have lost their mental peace and in dysthymia some thrive.
We have destroyed our Mother Earth’s greenery and shine:
God is thus punishing us, for contriving our cruel minds.
Nature is taking toll on us; it has clipped our wings;
We can now feel why the caged bird sings.