Poets & Poetry

Nature’s tweet

The sky is clearer than before
And the birds are flying even higher,
Confused are the people on Earth
With their new attire.

Attire means the dress
But here I refer to the mask,
Covering the mouth
As it is our new task.

The news is pathetic
In hundreds, not even a few,
Dying, dying and dying…
When will this end, do we have a clue?

The wrath of God
Is befalling upon us,
Go and hide yourself
Lest we too are mingled with dust.

O man! This is an example
A living example for you,
If you play with nature
Then nature will play with you.

Let the olden days be back again
I plead, O Master!
Where our girls were safe
Animals worshipped and no disaster.

The Vedas, The Bible
The Holy Scriptures read,
Every day, every hour and every minute
With a bowed head.

Have mercy and save life
Have mercy and save life.