Never give up!

Sometimes life can be full of problems,
Sometimes life may be hard.
Don’t be afraid; don’t get shocked.
You have always a key for every lock.
Work hard to gain success
And never give up, never give up.

Sometimes you do not find success,
Sometimes you work hard but get less.
But don’t lose heart and ignite a spark.
Be bold and try to cheer up,
But never give up, never give up.

For success, there is no magic rod,
If you lose, close your eyes and pray to God,
“Give me some sunshine, give me some rain,
I will work harder and will try once again.”

Try to work hard, harder and hardest,
And always give your best.
Learn from your mistakes and give a new start,
But never give up, never give up.

Focus on the target and hit the bull’s eye.
Work hard and be strong
One day you will touch the sky.
Be the winner of your life to live up,
Never give up, never give up.