New year every day

So we all know it’s the New Year. Well, for some. Whenever the year end nears, we rejoice. We feel like it’s a new beginning. A way to let go of your past. To look forward. To open up that new chapter. To not regret anymore and learn to love. And let love. If that wasn’t enough, society brought out the idea of resolutions. Something we change about ourselves which we feel was wrong. Making a resolution gives us something to look forward to, to be a better person. To better our world and ourselves. And then comes the fun. Those countdown parties, those hangovers the next day, those crazy stories we remember years later. They are all part of the fun. They unite us in some way and make us feel happier and hopeful of the coming year.

Why should we celebrate life and change ourselves only once a year?

But then, a very interesting epiphany came to mind. Why should we celebrate life and change ourselves only once a year? We say that each day is a new beginning, make the most of it. I myself wake up each morning, with my Medusa-like hair and then look into the mirror where I have stuck a little yellow coloured post-it that says, “Good morning, you beautiful pretty little thing. This day? It’s going to be perfect.” Who’s to say however that it does? (Oh my god, rarely! I look like I’ve been beaten up!) But then, I’m filled with the hope that, yes, something wonderful will happen to me. Barbecue pizza will fall from the sky, I will finally be able to ride a unicorn… Okay, yes, I’m diverting. Then why do we not celebrate every day? Why don’t we make a new resolution every day? Why don’t we party each day? People around the world celebrate their new year at different times. Time doesn’t stop but it’s different, isn’t it? Why don’t we have a new year every day?

Well, I’d like to make a change. It may sound absurd or crazy to some but I feel it will lead to a happier life. Celebrate a new year every day. Each day, do something that makes you happy. Dance even if you don’t know how to. Sing. Or if you can’t, then rap. Still if you can’t rap, just hum along. Do something crazy. Decide on something. And I’ll bet you will have more fun than you do each year at 00:00 on January 1st.

Because be it every hour, every day or every year, all we need is a little hope for something better.