Your New Year resolution

JANUARY 2018 TOPIC: What is your New Year resolution? How will you implement it?

I am a little careless in studies and lazy. I waste my time either on the phone or watching television, with my mindset that I will start learning the next day for sure but never succeed. Hence in this New Year I take a resolution to use my time to the fullest and avoid being lazy. I will wake up early during holidays, reduce my addiction to phone. I will meditate for maintaining peace of mind so that I can study well. I will maintain proper schedule and follow it. I will make sure that I stay away from any sort of distractions. My resolution will be ideal this year and I am sure that I will do better this year and achieve my goal.
Tanisha KhannaTanisha Khanna (14)
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar


My New Year resolution will be to spend more time with my parents. Like nowadays students hardly get time because they’re too involved into projects, assignments, record works and finally social media. I’m one such victim of that. So I recommend all you guys to spend more quality time with your loved ones than just involving yourself in texting and forgetting to love those special persons who wait eagerly to get your attention and love!
Milan Patel
Saranathan College of Engineering, Tiruchirappalli


For 2018 I have decided not to over-think and not to be too freaked out. To implement this I will exercise self-control and also I will try keeping check on my thoughts. If required I will seek help from friends and family around to check me whenever I break my resolution. I will remind myself how these bad habits of mine have landed me into a mess.
Arohi Pandey (19)
Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi


Everyone has exciting New Year resolutions. Some are able to implement it but most of us show their interest initially and in the long run forget their target. It’s true that I belong to the second category. But this time I’ll make sure that I stay dedicated. I have chosen to “stay fit” as my New Year resolution. Staying fit and exercising regularly will keep me healthy throughout the year. To implement this resolution I have set a time-table which also includes “punishment” for not following routine.
Divyakriti Masaun


My resolution before the sunrise of 2018 is: first and foremost, to be an early riser. The year 2017 has taught me that one cannot attain his dreams by being a heavy sleeper. Second is being dedicated towards study and putting in hard work for board exams as well as the further studies. Third is to develop a passion for reading books because I want to imbibe knowledge. I want to read more and more. Last and the most important is to be optimistic and believe, “Yes I can do it.”
Arshpreet Kaur (15)
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar


When we think about resolution we try to leave our bad habits and find good ones. Probably every teenager makes resolution and only 10% of them implement it. My resolution for 2018 is ‘to ignore my phone’ as I’m a mobile addict. I’ll use it only once or max twice a day. For today’s generation such resolutions are a must. Just taking a resolution isn’t enough you should implement it and to implement it, begin it now rather than waiting for New Year. If you dump your resolutions, someday they’ll dump you.
Sejal Shingne (15)
Fatima Convent School, Achalpur


My first resolution would be to stop procrastinating which is the biggest barrier that keeps most people from reaching their goals. In order to get good marks in my next year’s most important board exams, I will try to improve my concentration, self-confidence and mental skills by various methods like meditating. I will try to be more efficient in my time management and give more time for my parents and grandparents and I hope that I will be courageous enough to keep up with my New Year resolutions.
Ananya Srivastava (15)
Jeevan Marg Sophia Secondary School, Deoria


My New Year resolution is to make myself a better swimmer, so that I can get selected for the next Junior Age Group Asian Championship. I will keep myself fit and sacrifice various things which I feel I should not do. I have made up my mind to be strict with myself and be disciplined in everything. I hope these decisions will help me for my swimming career in the year 2018 and make it one of my most successful years.
Ananya Pandey (13)
Mary Immaculate Girls High School, Mumbai


My new year’s resolution is to be a cheerful girl with a positive attitude. I will face any situation bad or worse with an optimistic approach. I will be giving board exams this year so I know that I need to be prepared to have confidence. I will not be nervous and will give my best in the exams and will keep a positive attitude. I will also inspire my friends and classmates, to be cheerful and to keep a positive attitude always.
Jessica Pereira (15)
St Anne’s High School, Pune


My resolution for the year 2018 will be to be more organized. Specific examples that come up in my quick survey include: reading the chapter before the lecture, writing up clear notes after each and every lecture, organizing and labelling class notes, and creating and sticking to revision schedule before exams. I will implement this resolution of mine by using a positive attitude highlighting the benefits rather than focusing on the negative incidents of not doing as expected. I will find new ways to keep up my resolution every month so that I don’t get bored and make sure that I keep up my practices. After achieving my resolutions, I will celebrate it.
Manviya Sahni (13)
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar


The New Year is a perfect opportunity for all those who have failed to start making the changes that they said they would make at the beginning of the previous New Year. This year I’m well determined about my New Year resolution to improve my concentration and mental skills. To implement it I will focus on one change at a time. Also I will use positive language rather than negative when thinking about and implementing my resolution and review my progress periodically. And I will always remember to celebrate my success.
Adwitiya Singh (12)
St Anthony’s Jr. College, Agra


My New Year resolution is to live healthier, happier and strong. I am going to start yoga practice and meditations every morning. Through this I am going to make my body flexible and healthy. I will choose healthy meals rather than fast food. I’m also going to add a 30-minute walk to my routine. I’m going to implement my resolution by making a chart of my progress and I will review my progress. I am going to celebrate my progress with my loved ones because this will give a boost to my resolution. “Although it is tough it is not impossible.”
Sashank (14)
Abacus Montessori School, Chennai

New Year generally begins with making resolutions. This makes us a better version of ourselves than what we were in the last year. This year I have decided to be better by following some simple rules like being respectful to elders and doing things with passion. I love making new things and experimenting new ideas with dedication and care. The message I am trying to convey is that follow your passion with all your heart. Studying is important; at the same time the things we like in life are also as important as studying.
Domnique Joe (13)
Montfort School, New Delhi


To be sincere and true to myself and be focused on my studies is all what I want to accomplish in 2018. I know keeping New Year resolution requires self-control, energy and strong determination. We make many goals in our head that we end up forgetting, so I will “ink it; don’t just think it”. By recording my goal I’ll make a conscious commitment that this is what I want to achieve. Once I have penned down my goal, I’ll put it in places that can easily be seen, like in front of mirror, fridge, or hang it on the wall. This will remind me of my resolution and help me accomplish it.
Tanu Sharma (14)
St Joseph’s Convent, Jethuli, Patna


We are going to step into the New Year 2018, leaving 2017 behind and forgetting whatever bad happened. My New Year resolution is to take steps to prevent pollution and bring out a Green India. Pollution was the main problem we faced this year. To successfully implement my resolution, first of all I will plant a tree on the birthday of all my family members and urge my friends to do the same. I will also celebrate Van Mahotsav to save trees and to spread awareness about the negative effects of deforestation. I will forward this message of ‘Save Trees’ to everyone I know.
Anahit Sandhu (13)
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar