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New Year resolutions

JANUARY 2016 TOPIC: What is your New Year resolution? How will you implement it?

Any resolution reflects the desire for a positive change in life and mine too does the same. Come New Year we introspect about ourselves and the past. We do learn from our mistakes and then benchmark for a bright tomorrow. I would like my resolution to not be just a dream but be practically achievable. Yes, my new year resolution is just to do everything that makes and keeps me happy without breaking any safeguards laid down by my parents and teachers. It has everything from exercising, dancing, music, movies, masti, and Aunty Police bulayengi! And I have promised myself to keep it, fingers crossed!
Dhanashree BondeDhanashree Bonde (15)
Holy Cross Convent, Amravati

I want to spend time helping out at the local library, helping the poor, or helping friends. I would be glad at least to donate the furniture, clothing and other household items that I am no longer in need, rather than leaving them out to fill up our landfills. When you make your resolutions and goals for next year, don’t forget to implement some rewards for yourself along the way to foster a sense of accomplishment. It’s not enough to say ‘good job’ and expect that the next target will be met with eagerness. If you truly feel rewarded, you will be more likely to pursue the next one.
Archit SoodArchit Sood (21)
A.P.G. Goyal University, Shimla

This year I will make the New Year’s resolutions to live healthier, happier and strong. I am going to start Yoga practice every morning with new postures and meditations. Through this I am going to make my body more flexible and healthy. I will choose healthy meals rather than fast food. I’m also going to add a 30-minute walk to my routine. I’m going to implement my resolution by making a chart of my progress and I will review my progress. I am going to celebrate my progress with my loved ones because this will act as a booster dose to my resolution. “Although it is tough it is not impossible.”
Manisha DhanaiManisha Dhanai (17)
St Theresa’s School, Srinagar Garhwal

I am a Std X student; so 2016 will be really an important year in my life and also a turning point for me. So my new year resolution will be to work hard and score the best. There will be 10 lakh students scoring above 90% but my resolution comprises of working so hard to score the best. How do I implement it? Studying each topic and subject sincerely with a proper schedule. My resolution would be to make a fresh start by not forgetting the past life and people and at the same time not repeat the past mistakes I have made.
Harshita RawatHarshita Rawat (16)
St Anthony’s Jr College, Agra

My resolution is to work hard for my boards 2016. And I guess I’m working on it since a long time. I also want to crack my law entrance and work for a good law school. The only way to implement both of them is hard work and will-power.
Garima BakshiGarima Bakshi (17)
Sacred Heart School, Chandigarh

My New Year resolution would be never to cheat or lie. Honesty is truly the best policy and no matter how much the truth hurts, never shy away from it. I will implement it by first being honest to myself.
Renata MillettRenata Millett
Mumbai University

My New Year resolution is to make my mother happy every way I can. Because, though I’m 20 I could never make my Mum happy or proud of me, in fact I have always been rude and arrogant to her. I even never care to listen to her. But now I have realized that no matter what I did and how I behave with her she loves me the way no one can. So I’m gonna impress her by all means. I will help her in the kitchen and in all household work and I will also study hard and score good marks so that she can be proud of me!
Adhyaru VruttiAdhyaru Vrutti M. (20)
Patdi, Gujarat

Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day. My new year’s resolution is to become more of an optimist than a pessimist. Moreover, sitting in front of that dumb screen (T.V., mobile, laptop) for a long time is another way of inviting negative thoughts. So, to convert my pessimist mind into an optimist one I would do at least 5 minutes of meditation every day. I’ll even try to indulge in creative works such as painting, dancing, writing, etc., to keep myself busy and stress free.
Himani JainHimani Jain (16)
MGN UE2, Jalandhar

My new year resolution is to do my best to upgrade my result even though my result is really good but I still wanna be the topper (only the 1st position). To fulfil this resolution I will, of course, work hard and reduce TV time, mobile time and movie time which takes up half my time!
Sneha Gandhi
St Patrick’s Vidya Bhawan, Jodhpur

It’s New Year and therefore feels like a new beginning. I have lot of resolutions for this New Year that I am really trying to stick to. I am kind of selfish and short-tempered sometimes. I really want to change myself. For this from today I will share love. I will control my anger. I also want to focus on my studies. And, yes, I know if I am self-confident I will definitely reach my success. I am a dreamer but definitely a doer.
Sonali GargSonali Garg (16)
Notre Dame School, New Delhi

Hurrah! Celebration is all around. The New Year and a new resolution are waiting ahead! I personally opine that a healthy, faith-filled relationship with parents is the need of the hour and I feel the need of it too! So, as a fresh start, my resolution is to tie a strong knot of love with my parents. Sometimes other relationships may seem better but blood is thicker than water. So, I have decided to spend time with them because time heals almost everything.
Tanvi ShindeTanvi Sanjay Shinde (14)
Little Flower Convent High School, Solapur

My New Year resolution is Green, Clean and Wealthy India. I will plant trees and will clean dump areas and will try to arrange for big dustbins in every locality so people could throw their trash and become aware of the importance of cleanliness and tree plantation. It is not easy to make people aware about the importance of cleanliness but I will try to do it with my colleagues.
Anuradha ChaudharyAnuradha Chaudhary (14)
St Anthony’s Jr College, Agra

My New Year resolution is to help the poor and be a good human being. I will do a good deed every day. I will not misbehave or tease anyone. I will work hard and respect my parents, elders and teachers.
Avtansh Dubey (14)
St Joseph’s College, Allahabad

I have never made a New Year resolution but this year I promise to do so and also implement it. I will not spend money on unnecessary things like eating in the canteen when I carry my lunch box. I will implement this resolution by not carrying extra money and carry only the necessary amount and when I get the urge to eat canteen food I will count up to 10 and try to distract my mind from it!
Agnes PintoAgnes Fatima Pinto (18)
St Xavier’s College, Mapusa

In 2016 my New Year resolution will be to live within my means. Economic conditions are difficult and we make them worse by spending money on buying expensive things. If we buy those same things from a cheaper brand will not make any difference. It is important to look at what we need and what is merely a luxury. This will help to save money and avoid debts.
Arpana RathoreArpana Rathore
St Patrick’s Vidya Bhawan, Jodhpur

It’s the New Year standing before us like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. It’s time for promises and resolutions. My resolution is not to be fussy about managing things because it causes procrastination, frustration and pessimism. To assuage it I will be more organized. I will wage wars against the weaker thoughts that enter my mind and probably these thoughts will understand that they are unwanted and will leave like unwelcome visitors.
Veena VelankarVeena Atul Velankar (14)
Little Flower Convent High School, Solapur