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Festember: NIT Trichy’s annual cultural extravaganza

Some of the events at Festember '18
Soapy football (left) and Choreonite (right)

NIT Trichy’s annual cultural extravaganza, Festember, took place from the 13th to 16th of September, 2018. With over 60 events across 11 clusters, the fest saw massive participation from all over South India. Prominent musicians came to perform in the Pro Shows that were held each day. The famous fusion band, Pineapple Express, kicked things off on the first day.

The following days saw an assortment of highly competitive events from dance battles to band performances and graffiti contests. To top things off, Festember had a multitude of workshops teaching various disciplines like cardistry, salsa, stand-up comedy, and the marquee workshop, Melting Words, conducted by Rahul Kaushik. Informals also formed a pivotal part of the fest where the attendees were given avenues to have fun and unwind.

English Lit event at Festember ’18

Choreonite headlined the dance cluster of events. Multiple crews went up on stage and showcased fabulous performances. Gigahertz and Tarangini were the main events in the music cluster. The crowd was awestruck after the electrifying performances from all the bands.

Quirky puzzles and mind-racking quizzes formed the backbone of all the literature events. These events were held in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi, along with English. These events saw huge participation from a host of colleges.

The star-studded line-up of Pro-Show artistes ensured that every night ended on the right note. International sensation, Sabrina Terence, got the crowd raving to her beats till dawn. The techno-based artiste had a really impressive set, which will be cherished for years to come.

Switcheroo at Rock Nite during Festember ’18

Switcheroo and Skrat were the highlights of Rock Nite. While they were unique in their own ways, the common denominator was that the crowd was left wanting for more. For the final day, the famous playback singer, Sunidhi Chauhan, performed some of her evergreen songs. The crowd joined in too, paving the way for an exhilarating experience inside the convention hall.

On the whole, this edition of Festember was bigger than ever before. Backed by the efforts of all the student volunteers, along with an array of sponsors, Festember ‘18 was able to scale new heights. The attendees took back a whole lot of memories to cherish, making this Festember, truly a fest to remember!