Nothing is impossible!

Man leaping from one rock to another reaching for the sun

Many years ago, I fell sick with a near fatal illness. Most people gave up on me, except God. After getting back on my feet, I remember conducting a choir, and I seem to remember it was on a 1st of October that I did it, in which my gift to the people in the congregation was the song, Nothing Is Impossible!

How many times have you heard someone say: “We cannot do that. It is not possible”? Sometimes this is true — a customer makes a demand that cannot possibly be satisfied within the specified time frame. Or a client asks for a service far beyond your company’s expertise. Often, however, we conclude something is not possible because it seems like too much work, we do not know whether it can be done or not, or fear putting forth the effort only to fail.

There are many other examples of people who ignored negative voices, who recognized what people said was “impossible”, in fact was possible — unless they quit trying. Michelangelo probably had his detractors when he embarked on painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Thomas Edison made multiple attempts at inventing an incandescent light bulb until he succeeded. He refused to quit trying.

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