Poets & Poetry

An ode to an unsung hero

by Fathima Shifa (17)
Sharada PU College, Mangalore

(My tribute to a woman’s spirit)
She is ready to claim the skies,
A possession heaven would not share one bit.
She is as gentle as the wind and as fiery as a lioness,
Dare not call her fragile, nor take for granted her kindness.
An enthusiast she is, brimming with love and zest,
Breaking barriers and overcoming stereotypes,
Yet clutching on to her roots, without a second’s rest.
A path breaker she is, but never devoid of imperfection
She falls, weeps and creates blunders.
Sometimes she is wrong and her choices deviate from the right direction.
She becomes selfish and self-centred,
But on realization, she does show repentance.
Nonetheless, her spirit is what she is admired for,
The spirit of a mother, a sister and every other role she plays.
Her sacrifices never come free of cost
And yet without a doubt, for every soul she cares.
Love or hate her, she is never going to stop,
Because her perseverance is such that the whole world does she top.

Published in the February 2017 issue of The Teenager Today.