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One Chance

Who said teenagers are misunderstood?
I say we are simply overlooked.
Don’t ‘blame’ those who do when I say,
It is wrong to judge by faces,
Small heights and pre-adolescent voices.

Our thoughts and ideas are far beyond our age,
They are simply sometimes bound in a cage,
Cage of society, cage of concern…
There is absolutely no ill will, remember,
In parental care and protection.

I had bound ideas once too, you see,
In a cage of my own lacking self-esteem.
But eventually overcame and I came through.
Preached my thoughts like a preacher would.

With confidence in my voice and a sparkle in my eye,
I didn’t care if someone walked past with a sigh.
Persistence, I realised, was the key to my door,
That could move the world and break the floor!

I had bound ideas once too, you see,
But I realised fighting to be heard was necessary.
You are reading a piece of my mind in the future’s past,
Because thankfully someone thought of giving me a chance!