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“Our life!”

It is most certainly said that “teenage” is the most complicated time in one’s life. I would have to agree, because the last time I checked I couldn’t even decide if I wanted to eat pizza or a burger for lunch yesterday, let alone decide what I wanted to become in my life. But, right now, it’s funny to admit it, because the “problems” we teenagers face aren’t exactly proposed to be problems, but they eventually become those because we tend to take them to be just that.

I am the kind of person who doesn’t exactly fear life, but if life is a journey, then I’d rather pretend to be sick and sit home every single day of my life. But, that’s not really how we’re supposed to face our problems now, is it?

A general problem we teenagers face is when our parents ask us what we want to become in life when we don’t even know what we’re going to do tomorrow. It’s one of the most confusing parts of our lives, because we’re still in a state of figuring ourselves out and there are already many things to handle when this question just pops out during an argument with your parents. But personally, the most confusing part of my life would have to be choosing between watching a cricket match and doing my maths homework and I know I’d choose watching the cricket match any day!

Personally adding to the life of a teenager, I believe that we have the tendency to grab every moment and exaggerate it, until it actually becomes a problem. For instance, if we are to submit our maths assignment a week from now, we would definitely wait because it is still a week from now and that sounds like an eternity. But when that week is almost at its sudden oblivious end, we can be seen panicking around the house, because now that “week from now” has turned to “tomorrow”. We would be in a mess and surely in the end exclaim: “God! My life has so many problems!”

So, who’s the one at fault here? Is it me? Or… me? Yes, either one.

So, who’s the one at fault here? Is it me? Or… me? Yes, either one. We need to realize that just because a guy doesn’t text you back, doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. Just because you can’t decide about your future right now, doesn’t mean that you won’t have one. And just because I won’t get good grades in my maths test, doesn’t mean that I would have to curse my life forever because of it, and hate it, just because of “one messed-up moment” in my entire life.

I believe that the most difficult part about our life is facing problems. But, if I tend to make that a problem indeed, then it would be something to worry about and well, worrying is not good for my health.