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Paean of love

Oh dear you are my past
You are my present
You are my future
You are my breath.

You are my heart’s beat
You are my sight
You are my words.

A day without you is
Like a day without sun.

The best day in my life is
The day I saw you for the first time
The worst day in my life is
The day I couldn’t see you
I wonder how my day pass away without you
Because you are my breath
You are my life and everything
Without you I’m like the body without life.

You are my tutor who taught me how to love
You are my guide you taught me how to search for your love
You are the anchor of life.

The day I met you is my second birth
Even the enchanted world not capable of making me happy
If you’re not near me
Not even the whole universe is capable
Of making me happy
You are the love of my life
I love you.