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Digital painting on a tab

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
~ Pablo Picasso

The whole wide world has gone digital. So why not painting, too? Drawing and sketching are great hobbies that many of us may have been pursuing since some time. These hobbies must have also enabled us to improve our creative skills and thinking abilities. We could create art anywhere as long as we had pencils and paper.

But in this age of digitalization, why not try sketching and painting digitally? Digital sketching and painting is when a drawing is created using graphics software instead of the traditional pencil and paper. Even in this modern art form of drawing digitally, we just need two things — a computer with special software installed and a drawing tool. It is an equally beneficial hobby and a core skill for any artist whether digital or traditional.

The truth is, digital painting or digital art is a form of original art. It just involves a great deal of digital technology in the creative process of making the work of art. This is done through painting software like Photoshop and with the help of digital brushes as the main tool. All the other traditional painting techniques such as watercolour, oils, impasto, etc., are also applied by means of a computer. It lets us create beautiful artwork without the messiness of traditional painting.

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