Palm-sized drone

Hand holding the Micro Drone 3.0The camera-toting Micro Drone 3.0 can fly indoors and outdoors streaming HD footage directly to your Android or iOS smartphone or storing it on a microSD card. It shoots video at 720×1280 at 30 fps stabilized by a robotic arm that the makers claim to be the world’s smallest gimbal. It has several customizable features, a six-axis gyro, accelerometer and an electric compass that allow it to hover and fly smoothly. It boasts top speeds of 45 miles per hour and four powerful motors that let it fly upside down. A 3D mode allows pilots to utilize a virtual reality headset to fly the drone in a stereoscopic first person view. With a 450 mAh lithium cell battery, it can fly up to 8 minutes with a maximum range of 50 feet when controlled from a smartphone or 300 feet when controlled with a radio controller.